Friday, September 3, 2010

Back to School

It's that busy time of year, when we're all getting ready to go back to school.  Our kids have all grown a lot this summer.  In addition to bigger clothes, Abby has got new wheels in the form of a bright pink specialized stroller!  She's also picking up her new ankle-foot orthodics in two weeks.  And we've ordered a new seat-belt system for the car.  I've been busy completing a lot of paperwork to secure funding for all the things that come with the growth of a disabled child.

As you may know, the past year has been difficult for Abby, with frequent episodes of crying and general distress.  This summer, she started some new medications that seem to be helping, although we are hoping to eventually see even more improvement.

Our school board made some changes this year, so next week Abby will start with a new bus driver, a new school, and a new teacher, with many new kids in her class.  This week, she got to meet her teacher who is really nice.  Abby is looking forward to getting back to school, so we are hoping for a smooth transition.

Thanks to everyone who voted in one or both of the online Pepsi Refresh contests.  The Run4Rett did not get the $5,000 grant.  The International Rett Syndrome Foundation came in 3rd place for the $250,000 grant for research, so they are in the running again for September.  Unfortunately, they are no longer accepting votes from outside the U.S.A.

The Run4Rett is 6 weeks away now.  If you're able to join us on Sat., Oct. 16th, you can register online or get the information from the web site.

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